Last Letters began in a small office in Dallas, Texas, where a small circle of friends—including retired 7x time military photographer of the year: Jeremy Lock, and television producer: Scott Rettberg — would spend evenings swapping stories of world travels & unexpected adventurous tales. There was a common regard for the stories of individuals who when experiencing the same adventure, walk away with differing experiences and knowledge. 


We are finally beginning a new podcast adventure sharing these amazing tales with a wide array of experiences culminating in a “Last Letter” to the world— and maybe a final piece of advice. 


Last Letters are true stories which: Celebrate personal storytelling. Illuminate both the diversity and commonality of human experiences. Includes people globally from all walks of life: military, astronauts, students, homeless, yo-yo champions, mechanics, exonerated prisoners, headhunters, cab drivers, veterans, Nobel laureates and everyone in between.


To The Non-believers - Lisa Ramsey

23 FEB 2021 | 66 MINUTES

Little Girl (Part 2) - Lisa Olgin

16 FEB 2021 | 58 MINUTES

Little Girl (Part 1) - Lisa Olgin

09 FEB 2021 | 54 MINUTES

A Life's Library - Jerry McKinney

03 FEB 2021 | 51 MINUTES

Underdogs Need To See Underdogs - David Vobora

26 JAN 2021 | 58 MINUTES

The Caregiver's House of Cards - Niki Anthony

19 JAN 2021 I 61 MINUTES

Catch Up - Amy Vanderoef

15 NOV 2021 I 18 MINUTES

Don't Fear Happiness - Bill Hutchinson

12 JAN 2021 | 61 MINUTES

Your Current Situation, Is Not Your Final Destination - Dina Alsaid

05 JAN 2021 | 50 MINUTES

Vinny & The Jets - Vinny Minchillo

29 DEC 2020 | 35 MINUTES

Buddy You're Living My Dream - Kinky Friedman

22 DEC 2020 | 48 MINUTES

Keep Firing, Keep Moving - Michael Jernigan

15 DEC 2020 | 58 MINUTES

Bless & Release - Amy Vanderoef

08 DEC 2020 | 49 MINUTES

Merit Badge of Honor - Steve Stodghill

30 NOV 2020 | 49 MINUTES

A selfie with planet Earth - Jeremy McKane

04 NOV 2020 | 59 MINUTES

Jeremy Lock

After 21 years of telling stories around the world for the military, Jeremy Lock is setting out on his next adventure... LAST LETTERS. Lock is not only an accomplished military veteran receiving the Bronze Star Medal for distinguished service in Iraq, his experiences led to Jeremy being named “Military photojournalist of the year” seven times. Jeremy’s work has been published in magazines, newspapers and books including National Geographic, Time, New York Times, and the Washington Post among others. Jeremy has traveled more than 40 countries on 6 continents and brings his curiosity and empathetic love of story to the interview chair.